Study permit

Get a study permit

You can to study in Canada, in most cases.

Before applying for a study permit, you must be accepted by ̫ӳ.

  • Make sure you meet the to obtain a study permit.
  • Collect the to apply for your study permit.
  • online or on paper. A fee of $150 CDN is required to assess your application. Note that the amount of this fee may change.
  • Consult the application processing time tool from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for more information.


Distance learning student

  • Some distance learning courses include an in-Canada portion to the program.
  • If the overall course of study is greater than six months, then the , even if the in-Canada portion is less than six months.

Renew your study permit 30 days before it expires

You must apply to renew your study permit at least 30 days before it expires.

You can . A fee of $150 CDN applies. Note that the amount of this fee may change.

Restore your student status

If your study permit expires and you have not applied in time to renew it, you have 90 days to .

In addition to the student permit renewal fee of $150 CDN, you must pay the restoration of status fee of $200 CDN. Note that the amount of this fee may change.

To apply for a restoration of status, you must continue to meet the conditions written on your permit. However, there is no guarantee that your application will be accepted.