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Transcript and other official documents from the host institution

At the end of your studies abroad, contact the International Office of the host institution to obtain your transcript.

All documents must be prepared on the letterhead of the host institution, bearing the official seal and signed by a competent authority.

All official transcripts sent or issued directly to ̫ӳ must be in English or French. You are responsible for having them translated into one of these two languages, if needed.

Share your experience with us

Tell us about your adventures and discoveries: photos, videos and testimonials in all forms are accepted: international@ustpaul.ca.


Jhorly Alejandra Vargas, student in Master of Public Ethics

"If I had to summarize my experience in a few words, I would say that my exchange in Paris was a unique life experience that left me with memorable memories."

Alejandra Vargas, Paris

What marked me the most about my exchange was the history between Canada and France. They are both linked by a common past and a common language and values that represent a fascinating cultural mix. In both Canada and France, the Francophonie and multiculturalism are among the values that enrich the country, which gives us the opportunity to meet not only native French people but also people from different cultures and backgrounds. I can therefore say with certainty that studying abroad is truly one of the best ways to open up to the world and grow personally, because studying abroad also means facing new personal, cultural and academic challenges.


Camille Biron, student in Conflict Studies

"This experience in France allows me to connect with people from all over the world, learn more about other cultures and open my horizons."

camille biron, grenoble

I am also taking advantage of my exchange to visit Europe for the first time in my life. The teachers are attentive to our needs and we are well supported by the school staff throughout our stay. My choice was Grenoble in the heart of the Alps, and I do not regret it at all.