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Have you chosen your program, found out about the requirements and collected the required documents? You are now ready to apply.

The application is valid only for the program, year and session indicated.

Pay tuition fees or application fees

You can by bank transfer from a country outside Canada.

Application fees are not refundable.

Application deadlines for international students

The last day you can apply:
To start in September: the deadline is April 1.
To start in January: the deadline is September 1.

Assessment of your application

The Office of Admission, Registrar and Student Services does not assess an application until all required documents have been received.

for the program, year and trimester indicated will be sent to you by email.

Make sure that your personal contact information is correct on the response to your application to ̫ӳ. For all changes, contact the Office of Admission at admission@ustpaul.ca.

Once your application has been accepted, confirm your enrolment and choose your courses.