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Faculty of Human Sciences - Ph.D Students

Karen McGuinness

Thesis Title: Evaluating Climate Finance’s Role in Supporting the Transition to the Net-Zero Economy

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Simon Tremblay-Pepin

The risks posed by climate change are profound as is the extent of transformation required to address it.  My research centers on climate finance and its role in facilitating and accelerating the transformation to the net-zero economy. I am interested in examining the different forms that financing the transformation can take including: public, private, and concessional types of finance and the policy mix required for climate and social innovation to flourish. My research sits at the cross-roads of climate change, international political economy, policy frameworks, accountability, and governance.



Arelis Medina-Recio

Thesis Title: Towards a Sustainable and Inclusive Integration of Small Community Enterprises in the International Context

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Jamel Stambouli

The research will explore the capacity of small community enterprises, including the cooperatives, to undertake an inclusive and sustainable digital transformation. This could open the door to changes and improvements in national policies connected with the development of community enterprises. By becoming transformational, small community enterprises will be able to integrate in the international value chain and help their communities to prosper in a context dominated by Industry 4.0, or the 4th Industrial Revolution. The proximity of these enterprises to the local community provides an opportunity to foster local wellbeing and assist in the transition towards a smart knowledge economy, but on the condition that they become more efficient and strategic, and the community becomes proactive.

Yann Pezzini

Thesis Title: Strategic thinking for transformative social innovation

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Durand Folco

Social innovations that aim to transform power structures are exposed to blind spots, tensions and organizational paradoxes that limit their transformative potential. This research project explores (in co-creation with the field) strategic practices that could help organizations better navigate these elements, with the aim of building and/or preserving their transformative potential.