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FAQ - New Alumni

  • How can I become a member of the USP Alumni Association (ADUSP)?

    Membership of the USP Alumni Association (ADUSP) is free. All ̫ӳ students automatically become ADUSP members upon graduation.


  • Can I keep my @uottawa email address after graduation?

    As a graduate of ̫ӳ, you can request to keep your institution email account. Simply contact the


  • I'm graduating. How do I get my alumni privilege card?

    As a graduate of ̫ӳ ̫ӳ, you can obtain your privilege card by available on the BDD web page.


  • What are the benefits and services for USP graduates?

    As a graduate of ̫ӳ, you have access to the Jean-Léon-Allie library and archives. You also benefit from discounts on room rentals and the Université Saint Paul's Mauril-Bélanger Social Innovation Workshop, as well as discounts with our partners. For more information, visit the BDD web page.


  • Can USP alumni access the Jean-Léon Allie library and archives?

    As a graduate of ̫ӳ, you have access to the Jean-Léon-Allie Library and Archives. Simply go to the library service desk and present photo identification showing your name and address, as well as your USP graduate privilege card in paper format.


  • How does the Alumni and Development Office help alumni in their employment search?

    A job board and practical reference tools are available on the graduates' web page.

    Webinars and professional development workshops are also organized sporadically by the BDD. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date.


  • How can I get news from USP?

    We invite you to regularly consult the Media section of the USP website for the latest news.  We also recommend that you subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive the latest news and event opportunities at USP.


  • I have moved. How can I update my address and contact information with USP?

    To update your address and contact information with USP, simply complete the online update form available on the BDD website.



  • How can I get my tax form from when I was a student at USP?

    You can contact PSU Finance at finance@ustpaul.ca , who will be happy to send you your form. Please indicate your first and last name and your student number.


  • How can I register for further training?

    Several continuing education opportunities are available at ̫ӳ.
    Open online learning and continuing education presentations HERE
    A multitude of short programs, also called "options", of 15 or 18 credits are available to our university community. For more information, visit the web section.


  • I'd like to contact a former classmate. Can USP help me?

    For reasons of confidentiality, the USP is unfortunately unable to pass on the contact details of graduates.



  • How can I get involved as a volunteer?

    ̫ӳ is always looking for volunteers to get involved. The USP Alumni Association is actively looking for volunteers to help relaunch the Association.


  • I'd like to hire a USP graduate. Who do I contact?

    We invite you to contact the Alumni and Development Office to have your job offer posted on our job board.